What is the Syllabus for NID M.Design Entrance Exams

Hi. Isn’t the syllabus different for NID Mdes exam? Could you please post a vague idea of the syllabus for the same.

Asked by Nirupa

National Institute of Design (NID) does not release NID DAT syllabus officially. However, candidates can go through the list of important topics that they should consider studying when preparing for NID DAT 2020.

NID Entrance Exam Syllabus 2020 for BDes Admission

Aspirants can go through topics they should study to score well in NID DAT Prelims for BDes/GDPD admissions in the table below:

Design Outline for Beginners Colour Terminology Inspiration & Design Development
Mood, Theme & Colour Inter-relationship Design Theory Elements & Principles Of Design
Natural & Geometrical Form Innovation in Design Principles of Composition
Lettering Optical Illusion Understanding Light & Shade
Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions Form & Function Colour, Pattern & Texture
Theme Development Creative thinking & writing Picture Analysis
Visual Logic Good Design vs Bad Design Drawing Fundamentals
Use of Measurements, Scale & proportions Optical Illusion Foreshortening & Perspective
Developing Themes & Colour Associations Inspiration & Creativity Ornaments & motifs
Memory Drawing Usage of Colour in Compositions Expression & Emotion
Exercises on imagination Lateral Thinking Story Pictures
Presentation Techniques Imagination & Doodling 3D Visualisation
Graphics & Pictograms Innovation & Creation Design Awareness
Developing Observation