What is the best way for preparation of class 12 Accountancy board exam?

Ask by Vinay Mishra on this Article https://school.edufever.com/cbse/class-12-accountancy-ncert-book/. What is the best way for preparation of class 12 Accountancy board exam?

Preparation for accountancy is almost similar to Mathematics. Both the subjects require enough dedication to practice with keen interest and patience.
I would say if you are committed towards achieving good marks and serious for studies, you must be consistantly practice for a long time.

Buy only good books: I would recommend you use Oswaal Question Banks as they are strictly based on the latest CBSE curriculum, include objective and subjective questions, revision notes, terms facts and formulae, commonly made errors, answering tips, and mind maps to unlock imagination.

Analyse CBSE Class 12th Accountancy Marking Scheme: Oswaal Question Banks also include answers of CBSE marking scheme from 2012 to 2020 that will make you perfect in answering exam questions. This is how you will be able to analyse the marking scheme along with getting hands-on question and answers.

Learn important formulae: Oswaal Question Banks are highly useful as they have precise and updated content. They consist of terms, facts and formulae to aid in-depth study.

Step marking: Since CBSE gives marks according to steps, even if you don’t arrive at the final solution there is no need to panic. Even if the answer is wrong, but steps preceding it are right, you will be awarded some marks.

Calculation: Practice plenty of problems from model test papers and previous years’ sample. This will help gain good command over calculations. As this is a numerical subject, calculation plays a key role.

Focus topics: Following topics in Accountancy carry good weightage and should be practised thoroughly. Accounting for Share Capital and Debentures, Accounting for Partnership Firms, Accounting for Not for Profit Organizations and Accounting for Partnership Firms.

Formats: Attention should be paid while making formats for journals, ledgers and balance sheets. While preparing ledger accounts, students should post all the entries in their respective accounts simultaneously rather than preparing the accounts individually.