Review of DAV Dental College Solan?

Priyanka Wrote the Review on this college DAV Dental College Solan:

I’d say from my experience that this is one of the worst colleges… actually, it’s not even a college it’s a pressure cooker where u’ll be subjected to varying degrees of mental harassment and you can’t do anything about it because if you do there’s always a knife- supply- hanging over your head. All that you are supposed to do is say yes and put up with all this torture. The staff leaves no stones unturned to the trouble and demoralise you and the non-teaching staff a.k.a the people that sit in the office all the time and do nothing but sip tea and trouble you even more by not complying with you at all especially mr lekh raj actually all of them are useless people… they’ll just try to extract as much money from you as possible.

Satvik Wrote the review:

Worst college ever … especially the administrative staff and worst teachers… they are rude and will always demoralise you to the point that u will feel like leaving the course if you don’t butter them all the time … and the administrative staff does not do any work they just like to sit idle and are complete liars DO NOT OPT FOR THIS COLLEGE.

Thanks for the review.