I am studying in class 9 I started dancing from age of 12. I wanna make a career in dance

I am sanika I am studying in class 9 I started dancing from age of 12. I wanna make a career in dance. Can u help me? Out how should I start my journey? asked by Sanika on Career in Dancing 2020-21: Jobs, Course, Scope, Salary and Much More!

When one wants to be a successful dancer , then they must and should choose that itself as their career/Profession.

There are 4 main key elements, one should need to know for being a successful dancer .

1. Hard work and Dedication: First and foremost, it is Hard work and Dedication. professional dancers never get their break by being LAZY. One has to dream big ! But, also has to put in hours of hard work

2. Knowledge: one must be knowledgeable about their craft. People often things of dance as a purely PHYSICAL art form But , the best dancers are also the “Smart dancers”. A dancer must be knowing about the history of dance and how each genre originated .

• Remember- Knowledge is power and the more informed you are , the better your chances of success.•

3. Diversity: one should also study as many different styles of dance as possible. Yes, you may focus on one specific dance form but , it is important to be well versed in all different forms too. Versatility is highly important in the field of dance .So, explore to as many as different forms and styles as possible.

4. Love towards your job: yes, it is the most important thing that everyone should adopt . Start loving what you learn , so that you can learn fast and that remains forever.

•The life of a professional dancer is never easy but “the rewards are remarkable.”If you can remember to always work hard , dream big and believe in yourself , then success will be right infrent of you •