How much cost for MBBS in Nepal?

My Son wants to study MBBS in Nepal can you tell me how much cost for MBBS in Nepal?

MBBS in Nepal is just the target for you. Earning a place among the world’s top-notch medical institution, MBBS In Nepal, is an ideal destination for providing quality and affordable medical education. To do MBBS from Nepal It might cost you somewhere around 20-25 lakh.


MBBS in Nepal Fees Structure

The MBBS fees structure of any of the Nepal MBBS Colleges is less than various of Indian Medical Colleges. Let’s have a look at MBBS fee structure of some of the best Medical Universities of Nepal.

Universities Name College Fee Hostel Fee Total
KIST Medical College Rs. 42,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000 Rs. 48,00,000
Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu Rs. 38,50,000 RS. 6,60,000 Rs. 45,10,000
B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Rs. 48,00,000 Rs. 6,60,000 Rs. 54,60,000
Kathmandu University Rs. 55,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000 Rs. 61,00,000
Patan Academy of Health Sciences Rs. 30,00,000 Rs. 6,60,000 Rs. 36,60,000
U. Manipal Academy Rs. 50,00,000 Rs. 6,60,000 Rs. 56,60,000
U. Tribhuvan Rs. 46,00,000 Rs. 6,00,000 Rs. 52,00,000